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Gayton Junior School

Welcome to Gayton Junior School.

We believe that we offer all our children a safe and secure environment in which they can learn and reach their potential. Our staff are very well trained to deliver an exciting curriculum that will spark a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We pride ourselves in the care and support that we offer to both our children and their families while they are with us.

By working together to achieve academic, social and personal goals our children receive an education that supports the development of the whole child and not just their academic achievement. We value parents, families and the community as vital partners in helping us provide the best education possible.

We deliver a full and exciting curriculum that not only meets the national requirements, but is tailored to children growing up in Derby. Our ‘Curriculum for Derby’ is based on teaching children the knowledge and skills they will need for their adult working life in an engineering /manufacturing city.

We believe that a child’s time in school should be exciting and memorable; the best years of their life! We offer not just an outstanding academic education, but also a broad range of fun activities and life experiences. We have our passport which is a list of 50 things we believe every child between the age of 7 and 11 should experience. We provide as many of these enrichment opportunities as we can. As children complete them, they date the relevant stamps on their passport. This passport then becomes a record of all the amazing activities that our children experience during their time with us.

There are many opportunities for our children to develop a sense of belonging within the local community. We have strong links with our transition schools, getting to know the children before they arrive from their key stage 1 school and also sharing information with the secondary schools. We are part of the Derby Pride Trust, working closely with Derby Moor Community Sports College, other local schools and Trust partners such as Derby County and the University of Derby who regularly offer their support.